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Sewage/Water Tank Cleaning Services in Mumbai and Gujarat

corporate water tank cleaning service in mumbai
1. Industrial Water Tank Cleaning
2. Industrial Pipe Cleaning
3. Industrial High Pressure Water Washing
4. Industrial Wall Cleaning
5. Industrial Mother Tank & Overheads /Underground Tanks Cleaning.
6. Mechanised Septic Tank Cleaning
7. No Man Entry Sewer Cleaning Services
8. Sewer Tank Cleaning Services
9. De-silting /De-Chocking of Sewer line
10. Sewage Tank Cleaning Services
11. Sewage Cleaning
Steps Of Water Tank Cleaning
1. Dewatering Of Tank
2. Mechanised Removal Of Mud & Sediment
3. Cleaning Of all walls ,floor cleaning with High pressure jet Machine
4. Mopping & Drying of tank
5. Filling of tank
6. Spray of Bacterial agents

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